Employee Benefits

We provide end to end assistance in the
benefit marketplace.

Employee Benefits

BenefitsDrive provides practical, forward-looking & cost-effective employee benefit consulting services for both startup and established large employers. Particular emphasis is paid on a innovative approaches to engage both the employer and employee in benefit programs that drive value for the consumer, and mitigate the rising cost of health care. We provide end to end assistance in the benefit marketplace.

BenefitsDrive takes a custom approach that is fine-tuned to achieving your business goals and giving you the edge in recruiting and retaining the best people in your particular industry.

Our solutions are simple: We help you manage risk, save time, and reduce your spend on employee benefits. We take a complex, high-cost world and make it affordable and it will be understandable.

Core Benefit Offerings

BenefitsDrive can build a core employee benefits offering that fits your specific industry needs both domestically and internationally.

  • Health
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Short and Long-term Disability

Our Benefits

  • Benefits Experts

    An end to end solid employee benefits strategy starts with a seasoned insurance professional. BenefitsDrive has a strong team of expert benefit consultants who understand the delicate balance between managing your risks, plans, and costs and providing a benefit package and total compensation plan that serves as a tool to attract and retain top talent.

  • Voluntary Benefits

    The little extras can go a long way on an employee’s impression of your company.

    At BenefitsDrive, we take a comprehensive approach to developing voluntary options that align employee needs with your business objectives. Great companies provide great well rounded benefit packages which need to evolve as the new options become available and or when your workforce objectives evolve.

    A great voluntary benefits offering starts with an in-depth analysis of a company’s core benefit offerings. Form there we need to evaluate several factors: What’s the standard in your industry?What’s missing, and what’s your long-term corporate strategy for attracting and retaining the best employees? Our planning and evaluation models look three to five years out, so the voluntary benefits package you build today provides a foundation for future growth. You’ll move forward with the right employees—the ones who make your organization stronger and more competitive.

  • Executive Benefits

    Attract and retain the right leadership team by offering a competitive executive benefits plan. BenefitsDrive helps you structure a strategic compensation program that nurtures loyalty, meets your specific financial goals, and helps you secure effective leadership.

    BenefitsDrive consultants are well versed in the vast areas of executive benefit planning.
    • Key Employee
    • Estate Planning
    • Business Succession Planning

Extending Your HR Team

Working with your Human Resources team, we will:
  • Enhance your employee benefits management
  • Deliver a complete benefits strategy that is focused on your industry and specific goals.
  • Improve employee communication

Access to Top-Rated Carriers

BenefitsDrive’s powerful market presence, longstanding relationships with the industry’s top-rated carriers creates the ability to offer your company quality alternatives. We understand how to match your needs with underwriters who can provide you with the best possible placement in terms of coverage, conditions and pricing.

From traditional insurance products, risk management and loss the prevention strategies to end to end administration, we provide you with viable options, and facilitate collaborative, productive partnership with the carrier. In our client’s best interests, we adhere to strict carrier guidelines and consider only for those carriers highly rated by A.M. Best.

Access to Top Rated Carriers