HR Library

It’s a comprehensive online resource that delivers everything you need for successful employee management.

HR Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Our HR Library provides you with complete access to an award-winning Human Resources Library. It’s a comprehensive online resource that delivers everything you need for successful employee management. You’ll get innovative HR tools, forms, Health Care Reform and benefits news, posters and more, including:

  • Most current Health Care Reform guidance and notices
  • Employment laws explained: federal and 50 individual states
  • Time-saving interactive HR tools
  • Sample employee handbooks
  • Step-by-step interactive guides on hiring, disciplining and terminating employees
  • A blueprint for conducting successful performance reviews at any level
  • Federal and state required downloadable posters
  • Customizable sample Employee Handbook
  • Emailable monthly HR and benefits educational newsletters
  • Job description builder tool
  • Salary benchmarking tool
  • More than 500 downloadable forms
  • Employee cost calculator
  • HR self-assessment modules
  • State and federal COBRA information
  • Up-to-date info on your state’s specific employment laws

HR Compliance Quick-Check

Whether your company has 5 or 5000 employees, it’s important to conduct a regular review of your HR and benefits-related notices, records and procedures to ensure compliance with the lawand prevent potential liabilities and employee lawsuits. Our checklist features key steps for evaluating your management practices to help keep your company HR compliant.

Retaining skilled employees is a significant issue for any business. A high rate of employee turnover can result in a loss of knowledge and skills, as well as have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. The cost of losing an employee includes not only lost productivity, but also the expense of recruiting, selecting and training a new employee.

  • Provide well-designed user friendly enrollment technology.
  • In addition to the paperless enrollment platform, provide face to face live benefit meetings with BenefitDrive’s expert benefit consultants.
  • Employee attitude surveys allow your staffers to give confidential feedback on their opinions of your company in terms of satisfaction with the job and how their jobs and work environment might be improved. To help build a relationship of integrity and trust among company employees, the results of your survey should be communicated effectively and acted upon by your company.

A company health and wellness program refers to activities or initiatives undertaken within the workplace that are designed to support your employees’ general health & well-being. Programs will often differ from business to business in terms of range of initiatives offered.

  • Providing filtered water.
  • Having your air-conditioning and heating systems checked and maintained on a regular basis.
  • Increasing the nutritional quality of food available in the workplace.
  • Providing desk chairs that are ergonomically designed to support the back.
  • Empowering employees to include physical activity into their working day, such as encouraging walking at lunch.
  • Providing incentives such as such subsidized memberships to local health clubs. (Be sure to check with your local health clubs to see if they offer corporate rates.)
  • Providing more flexible work hours.
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